Catherine DeMayo

Personal Trainer/Group Exercise Instructor

COVID Update - Alternative exercise facilities

As I have not yet returned to Fitness First Sylvania, Personal Training with Extra Mile PT will be held at other venuesin southern Sydney.for the time being. These include parks and temporary fitness studios that are not open to thewider public, and thus pose far less risk of COVID 19.

Other fitness options include group classes over Zoom as well as one on one personal training over Zoom. Extra MilePT is committed to working with you in the safest and most flexible way possible to help you achieve your fitnessgoals at this challenging time.

All are welcome at outdoor exercise. Here, Chris (left) and Daisy (right) relax briefly between exercises.

Indoor facility at Kareela, just a few minutes from the Kareela shopping centre. Spin bikes, a rowingmachine, cable machine and plenty of free weights provide the opportunity for one on one or group workouts.